JMMB Group Reports $16bn Operating Revenue

The JMMB Group is reporting in its Annual Report for the year ended March 31, an operating revenue of almost $16-billion.

This is an increase of just over 8-percent over the prior year.

Over the past 3-years, net profit for the JMMB Group has continued on a positive path.

At the end of March 31, net profit was $3.6-billion which was 8-percent or almost $254-million higher than the prior period.

Net Interest Income grew by 14-percent to over $7.7-billion reflecting growth in the investment and loans portfolios coupled with effective spread management.

Foreign Exchange trading increased by 11-percent to more than $1.3-billion growth due to increased activities in the banking segment.

JMMB Group Chairman Archibald Campbell, commenting further on the Financial Year 2017-18, indicated that the Group and its subsidiaries continued to perform well, reflecting strong fundamentals and steady core growth.

The JMMB Group ended the 2018 financial year with earnings per share of $2.18.


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