Johnson-Smith Apologizes to Morris Again

Leader of Government business in the Senate, Kamina Johnson Smith has again apologized to Opposition Senator, Dr. Floyd Morris.

The apology follows a meeting this morning involving both senators and President of the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson.

Senator Johnson Smith has been facing backlash on social media over the weekend following comments made during Friday’s marathon sitting of the Upper House. She’d withdrawn the comment and apologized to Senator Morris in the Chamber on Friday.

After completing his contribution on the NIDS bill on Friday, Senator Morris asked that the debate be postponed until this week.

Morris said he wanted time to examine 2-and-a-half pages of amendments sent to senators a few hours before the sitting. His motion for a suspension of the NIDS debate was denied by Government Senators.

Senator Johnson Smith told the Opposition Senator that the substantive amendments, comprising just over 20 pages, had been e-mailed to all Senators a week ago.

She said she hesitated to think that having recently completed his Ph.D it wouldn’t be difficult for the Senators to discuss together the additional 2-and-a-half pages which are not complicated.

The Senate leader apologized immediately for the remarks on Friday. She apologized again today and Senator Morris accepted.

There was uproar on social media on the weekend when the Jamaica Gleaner online published an article which incorrectly quoted Senator Johnson Smith as saying she’s hesitated to think that the document would be too much for Senator Morris, who’s blind, – “to read”.

These were Mrs. Johnson Smith’s comments on Friday.

This was the the Government Senate Leader’s apology on Friday.

Earlier in the sitting on Friday, Opposition Senators objected to an attempt by Mrs. Johnson Smith to read into the record the additional 2-and-a-half pages of amendments.

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