JPS Bill Reprieve

The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS says its customers will see a marginal decrease in their bills this month, as a result of a lower Fuel and IPP charge.

That charge is determined primarily by the cost of the fuel used to generate electricity each month.

JPS says the Charge on August bills is just under 26-dollars per kilowatt-hour, compared to approximately 28-dollars per unit in July.

Corporate Communications Officer at the JPS, Ruthlyn Johnson says this decrease will be reflected in customers’ August bill, once they consume the same amount of electricity they used in July.

The Fuel and IPP Charge currently accounts for between 60 and 70 percent of electricity bills.

Mrs. Johnson says JPS cannot say whether there will be a decrease in the charges for next month.

Ruthlyn Johnson, Corporate Communications Officer at JPS speaking with Nationwide News.