JPS Making Old Harbour Plant Progress

The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, says it has reached another significant milestone in its efforts to execute the 190-megawatt power plant project.

The project is aimed at reducing the cost of electricity in Jamaica.

In a statement this afternoon, JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin, said that a number of critical elements are now in place for the company to proceed with the new power plant, which will be built in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine.

Miss Tomblin says the gas supply agreement with New Fortress Energy has been signed for the natural gas which will be used in the new plant.

Additionally, Miss Tomblin says both the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, and the Electricity Sector Enterprise Team, ESET have given formal approval of the power purchase agreement for the new facility.

Miss Tomblin says JPS has also received the environmental permit from the National Planning & Environment Agency, NEPA, to proceed with construction of the plant.

The CEO of the light and power company says the entity is still working on the final details with GE,which is the equipment supplier, and Power China, which is the Engineering Procurement & Construction company selected to build the plant.

Tomblin says she expects those arrangements to be finalized within the next two weeks.

The JPS President and CEO says the company is now at an advanced stage in closing the financing of the project, which she expects to be completed by the end of April.

Miss Tomblin says the project is on target to be fully operational by mid-2018.

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