JPS to Refund


The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, JPS, says it’s in the process of applying the Early Payment Incentive of $250 to the accounts of 60,000 customers.

Corporate Communications Manager at the JPS, Winsome Callum, says the incentive was not applied during the normal processing of bill payments.

JPS introduced the EPI in August last year, to encourage the prompt settlement of bills.

The EPI is applied to the bills of those customers who pay in full, on or before the due date.

Since its introduction, early bill payment has moved from about 27% in August 2013 to a current average of 43%.

JPS also introduced a Late Payment Fee of $250, which is applied to overdue accounts.

Ms. Callum says the problems have now been rectified and the incentive will be reflected in the January bills of customers.

Winsome Callum Corporate Communications Manager at JPS speaking with Nationwide News.