JSIF Denies Committing $30m to Port Maria Market


The Jamaica Social Investment Fund, JSIF says it has not committed $30-million to the renovation of the Port Maria Market contrary to suggestions made by the Councilor for the area, the PNP’s Tricia Smiley-Harris.

In a statement today, JSIF said in 2010 it engaged the Local Government Ministry regarding the rehabilitation of six markets across Jamaica.

JSIF says while the Port Maria market was included in the six, it has not identified or committed funds to the rehabilitation of that particular facility.

JSIF says it’s currently exploring options for funding for the other markets in Port Maria, Linstead, Black River, Musgrave and Spalding.

Councilor Harris was quoted in the print media this week as chastising her colleague Mayor and Councilors for not doing enough to uplift St. Mary.

She alleged that work should have started at the Port Maria Market last year but is yet to get underway, despite JSIF being said to have provided $30-million for the project

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