JTA Disappointed with Latest Round of Govt Wage Negotiations

The Jamaica Teacher’s Association says it’s disappointed following its latest round of wage negotiations with the Ministry of Finance.

The JTA’s negotiating team met with technocrats from the Ministry yesterday.

The union representing public school teachers have already rejected the government’s offer of a 3-percent wage increase per year.

The JTA had been hoping for an improved offer during yesterday’s round of talks. But it’s president, Georgia Waugh Richards, says the team left disappointed.

The JTA is to resume negotiations with the Finance Ministry next Wednesday.

The government is offering public sector workers a 6 percent wage increase over the two year contract period.

There’s to be a freeze on benefits.

On the weekend, the IMF reiterated its concern that delays in public sector wage negotiations pose a significant budgetary risk.

In a statement following its concluded staff visit on Friday, the IMF says Jamaican authorities concurred on the urgent need to accelerate these negotiations.


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