Jubilation Over First-ever PEP Exams


There was excitement at several schools today, as students, teachers and parents celebrate results of the Primary Exit Profile exam.

At St Andrew Preparatory, teachers were reveling, playing music and dancing as they celebrated what they say were mostly successful results.

Janet White, a grade six teacher from the St. Andrews Preparatory School says she is pleased with her students’ performance in the recent PEP examinations

Nationwide News also spoke with individuals at the Mona Heights Primary School

Meanwhile, a teacher at the Half-Way-Tree Primary School, Ms. Heather Quest says she’s elated that she was able to help her students make history in being the first cohort to sit the PEP exam.

Heather Quest, a Grade Six Teacher at the Half-Way-Tree Primary School.

And, the Head of Department for Grade Six at Rousseau Primary, Rochelle Dorma says she feels the students would have performed much better at the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT, this year.

Mrs Dorma says teachers and students are yet to familiarize themselves with the methodologies of the Primary Exit Profile PEP.

Mrs Dorma says she’s also disappointed with the changes made to the way students grades are collated and presented.

She says the ‘raw scores’ would have served as a guide to markers.

She says they would’ve had a clearer idea of where the students performed poorly.

Mrs Dorma says overall she is pleased with the students’ performance.

She’s confident future students will perform better at PEP.

Rashida Walker also contributed to the report

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