Judges’ ‘Administrative Meeting’ Forces Halt to Corporate Area Court Proceedings

Court proceedings across the island are being disrupted today as a number of judges are convening in what they’re describing as an administrative meeting.

Nationwide News understands that one of the items at the top of the agenda is the appointment of Justice Bryan Sykes to act in the role of Chief Justice.

It’s understood this has disrupted proceedings in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and at least one Resident Magistrate’s Court.

Our news centre understands that matters pending all across the island are being adjourned as the presiding judges head to the so called administrative meeting.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ decision to appointing Justice Sykes as acting Chief Justice has sparked heavy criticism.

A number of Supreme Court Judges were seen with their security guards walking into court this morning.

Supreme Court Justice Bertram Morrison adjourned the murder trial of Michael McClean, which was scheduled to continue today.

McClean is on trial for killing six people in St. Thomas.

Justice Morrison told the jurors that he doesn’t want them to think he’s wasting their time, but he has to attend an important personal matter for the day.


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