• Last night's robbery is the latest in a series of robberies targeting businesses in the fast-growing area.

Junction On Edge: Businessman Robbed of $10m, 2 Firearms – Police, Thieves In Tense Gunbattle


Business owners and residents of Junction and surrounding communities in St. Elizabeth are on edge following a brazen robbery last night.

The thieves made off with about $10-million.

Two firearms were also reportedly stolen during the incident.

While trying to escape, the thieves reportedly engaged the police in a shoot-out. The incident has again raised questions of the effectiveness of the Junction Police.

Last night’s robbery is the latest in a series of robberies targeting businesses in the fast-growing area.

William Mitchell reports.

Sources say the latest incident in Junction, St. Elizabeth was of high drama.

Reports are men traveling in a white Nissan AD wagon, entered a business place in an area armed with high powered weapons.

The armed men held the owner of the establishment at gun point and forced him to open his vault.

According to the police, the robbers made off with 10-million dollars.

The criminals also stole a Smith and Wesson revolver, a Glock pistol and 28 rounds of ammunition.

The guns were taken from two licensed firearm holders.

After leaving the scene, the getaway car was intercepted by the police in Bull Savanna.

According to police reports, a shoot-out ensued between the criminals and the law men.

Our news centre understands the police damaged the escape vehicle.

But, witnesses say the criminals had more firepower than the police patrol.

No one was injured in the cross fire.

Last night’s incident has prompted a probe by the Bureau of Special Investigations, BSI, and the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

The incident has also resulted in residents questioning the adequacy of the resources available to the Junction police.

In a social media post, one St. Elizabeth resident, questioned what he described as the ‘poor’ location of the police station.

The social media user says the people of the parish are losing faith in the police and called for more resources to be pumped into the operations of the Junction police.

In February, criminals walked into a supermarket in close proximity to the Junction Police station and carried out a daylight robbery.

Two months later, two lawmen assigned to the Junction Police Station were attacked by a man believed to be of unsound mind.

The man was charged and the lawmen treated at hospital.

And, in January this year, another man of unsound mind also gained access to the Junction Police Station and stole a policeman’s uniform.

He was later reportedly seen directing traffic.

Calls placed to the head of the St. Elizabeth Police, Superintendent Catherine Lord, have gone unanswered.

William Mitchell is a sports-fanatic turned journalist. He graduated from CARIMAC in 2016. He interned at the Jamaica Gleaner covering sports and joined NNN in 2017. Mitchell covers crime for Nationwide. He’s been to every single zone of special operations across the island.

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