Justice Minister Backs Down from Criticism of Light Sentences

Just two days after he came out swinging against so-called light sentences being handed down by the country’s judges, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has seemingly had a change of heart.

This is what the Justice Minister said last Wednesday while addressing Justices of the Peace.

Two days after those strident remarks, the Justice Minister chided those who’ve criticized judges for handing out perceived light sentences for serious offences.

Last Friday, while standing before the Chief Justice and other judges, Mr Chuck said every sentence handed down by judges, can be explained.

The Justice Minister singled out the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He says the police force has blamed the Justice system for the nation’s crime problem.

Minister Chuck says judges have to take several things– including retribution and rehabilitation– into consideration when sentencing convicted criminals. He says the government is moving towards a system of restorative justice where victims will also be involved in the process.

The document aims to facilitate more consistent sentencing by setting out a guideline of sanctions for several offences.


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