Justice Ministry Probes Fraudulent Divorce Racket

The Justice Ministry has ordered a probe into an apparent fraudulent divorce racket at the Supreme Court.

The investigation is being conducted by the Fraud Squad Unit of the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC.

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says documents are being signed fraudulently in the Divorce Unit of the Court.

A decree absolute is the legal document that approves the final stage of a divorce. It should be signed by a judge.

Mr. Chuck says some employees of the court were charged late last year for the practice. But he says it seems to be persisting.

The Justice Minister is blaming the practice on what he calls the ‘long delay’ in getting a divorce.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, has confirmed they’re investigating the matter. But refused to make any other comment.