Justice Ministry PS Hits Back at Lee-Chin’s Criticisms


Permanent Secretary in the Justice Ministry, Carol Palmer, is taking a swing at the Chairman of the Economic Growth Council, EGC, Michael Lee-Chin after he sought to name-and-shame several government bodies last week.

Mr Lee Chin named the Justice Ministry for delays in its Justice Reformation project.

The EGC Chairman chided the ministry for contributing to what he described as a culture of inertia that was slowing the country’s economic growth.

During an EGC media conference last week, Mr Lee Chin highlighted that there was a missed October 2017 deadline to upgrade more than fifty courtrooms to allow witness statements via video link. But, Mrs Palmer fired back, suggesting the EGC Chairman spoke without being properly informed.

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She says the project to install audio and video links in 78 courtrooms is being funded by Jamaica’s European partners to the tune of $1.7-million.

The technology is being installed by an Italian firm, Memetech SRL. But, the Permanent Secretary says the company has been missing the deadlines.

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Mrs Palmer says they’re hoping the PIOJ will intervene to have the company expedite the process for completion this year.

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