JUTC Bus Driver Who Pocketed Passengers’ Fare Lands In Hot Water


A Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, bus driver who reportedly pocketed the fares of some 32-passengers last evening has found himself in trouble with the law.

The bus driver was accosted after he attempted to evade members of the JUTC’s Franchise Protection Division during a sting operation in peak hour traffic in the Corporate Area. 

A video of the high-speed chase involving the bus and members of the JUTC’s franchise protection team is being circulated on social media.

The division was reportedly informed by a passenger about the driver’s alleged actions.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Those were reactions from members of the Franchise Protection Division as they attempted to stop the bus that was carrying some 32 passengers.

And, this is the moment when members of the team successfully gained access to the bus.

Corporate Communications Manager at the JUTC, Cecil Thoms, says when the bus was intercepted and searched by the police, money was found in a compartment of the vehicle.

Mr. Thoms says the driver has been charged.He also says additional statements are being collected.

The JUTC Corporate Communications Manager says it’s not yet known if this is the driver’s first infraction.

He has been pulled from active duty.

In the meantime, Mr. Thoms is reminding passengers to request a ticket after they’ve paid their fares.

In the meantime, Mr. Thoms says the JUTC has grounded all of its articulated buses.

This follows an incident on Wednesday afternoon where several passengers got wet on one of the company’s leaking articulated buses.

The roof of the bus’ vestibule, which is the flexible joint connecting both compartments of the bus, was badly damaged.

At least one passenger could be seen under an umbrella on the bus during the inclement weather Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Thoms says the JUTC regrets the unpleasant experience its passengers had to endure.

Cecil Thoms, Corporate Communications Manager, speaking today with Nationwide News.

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  1. Jerry savage

    Alot of person have been receiving death threat before this incident and now this incident just make it worst and members of the franchise time is in fair for there life report as made to the police about the threats


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