Govt Not Considering JUTC Fare Hike at this Time

Communications Manager at the JUTC, Reginald Allen, says the company is not considering a ‘fare increase’ at this time.

However, he says it’s considering rolling out the revised fare structure that was approved by the previous administration in 2014.

This would see users paying more.

The proposed fare increase caused public backlash. The Opposition also protested the increase.

It was implemented nonetheless, but was later reverted to $100 after the JUTC rolled out a special Summer promotion in 2015.

JUTC fares have remained the same since.

Mr. Allen says the fares for senior citizens, students and the disabled could also be raised to what was approved in 2014.

The government had given the JUTC the go-ahead to charge students and disabled people, $30; up from $20. Senior citizens were asked to pay $60, up from $20.

Mr. Allen refused to say when the new fares will take effect.

Yesterday, the Finance Minister announced an increase in the Special Consumption Tax, SCT, on fuel.

The SCT on fuel will range from $0.43 to $7.36 per litre.