Kayode Garwood Sentenced to LIFE in Prison

The man convicted of murdering the 11-year-old brother of his girlfriend in 2011 has been sentenced to life in prison.

Twenty-eight-year-old convict, Kayode Garwood, will not be eligible for parole until after he’s served 26-years for the crime.

There was pandemonium outside the Manchester Circuit Court this afternoon after the Judge handed down the sentence. The sentence was handed down just before 4:00 this afternoon.

The presiding Judge, Justice Chester Stamp, says he couldn’t find the words to express how horrible, awful and unspeakable the murder was. He says Garwood was cold and lacked pity.

Judge Stamp paused to flip through the pages of the social enquiry report from the Probation Department. He then uttered, “I was looking to see if you had some mental illness”.

As Justice Stamp recounted Garwood’s several attempts to kill 11-year-old Tareek Gregory, he made eye contact with the emotionless convict before telling him “you showed no mercy”.

Justice Stamp detailed that one of the stab wounds was 13 centimetres long in the body of a child of only 11 years. He says the callousness in which Garwood committed the crime is unspeakable and he shudders to think what was happening in the little boy’s mind.

The Judge says he would not accept Garwood’s account that he was urged by the boy’s sister to commit the act. He said he took into account that Garwood had no previous convictions, he has been in custody for the last 6-years and his community expressed positive sentiments about his conduct.

However, Justice Stamp says the sentence handed down had to reflect the wickedness of the crime.

Meanwhile, there’s was weeping outside the courthouse shortly after the verdict.

Garwood’s mother ran down the staircase of the Manchester Circuit Court collapsing in the arms of loved loves before crying out.

The woman’s cries had people in the town of Mandeville running from every direction.

Curious onlookers enquired into what was happening. Others who were concerned about the mother’s wellbeing offered to take her to the doctor.

Garwood was convicted on Tuesday for the murder of Tareek Gregory. The murder was committed in September 2011.

Garwood’s girlfriend, Denisha Gregory was sentenced in 2014 to 4-years in prison after she pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with her brother’s death.

The court accepted that Gregory was suffering from a mental illness, postpartum depression at the time of the incident. She has since been released from prison.