KC only ‘Emerging Good School’


One of the most prominent high schools in Jamaica, Kingston College, is only an ’emerging good school’.

That’s according to the National Education Inspectorate, the NEI.

And, that’s an upgrade from being just a ‘satisfactory’ performing school three years ago.

Nationwide News has obtained a list of schools deemed to be “emerging good” institutions from the NEI based on its assessment of these schools over the past several years.

Among the other emerging good schools are Ascot Primary, Bridgeport High, Foga Road High, Lacovia High, Mary Mount High, George Headley Primary, St. George’s Girls Primary, Fair Prospect Primary, Allman Town Primary and Mona High.

KC’s assessment that it’s only ‘an emerging good school’ is perhaps surprising.

But, Chief Inspector of the NEI, Maureen Dwyer, says despite having only been rated as ‘satisfactory’ when the report on the school was completed in June, 2011, there’re signs Kingston College is improving.

Ms Dwyer says KC’s initial rating as ‘satisfactory’ was not mainly a reflection on the academic achievement of the boys.

Ms. Dwyer says the ‘unstable’ school-based leadership was a major consideration.

This, as she explains that the NEI ranking is a composite index that takes in several other areas.

She says now that the school has appointed a new principal, things should get better.

Maureen Dwyer, Chief Inspector of the NEI, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.