KD Pours Scorn on ‘Corrupt Beasts’ in the Anti-Corruption Community

An Opposition Senator, K.D. Knight, says some private sector individuals and vocal anti-corruption advocates are among the ‘most corrupt beasts’ in the country.

Senator Knight gave the damning critique this afternoon while speaking in the Upper House of Parliament. He was contributing to a bill which proposes to establish the Integrity Commission as a single anti-corruption agency.

Senator Knight says corruption is not only a major issue in the public sector.

Knight did not name the private sector people and vocal anti-corruption campaigners whom he says have a history of being corrupt.

However, the veteran Queen’s Counsel and former Security Minister, says the single anti-corruption agency should focus not only on the public sector but also on bringing those private sector people to justice.

The Opposition Senator said he supports the Integrity Commission Act.

But he says he’s of the view that under ideal circumstances parliamentarians should NOT be subject to all demands which the Integrity Commission Act requires of thousands of public servants.

Knight said even some of his colleagues on the Opposition benches may not agree on that point.

He went on to caution the 84-parliamentarians that the country will not take the corruption fight seriously until their conduct is considered totally beyond reproach.

And, Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Mark Golding, wants the Integrity Commission Bill to be amended so the Director of Investigation in the proposed single anti-corruption agency makes a public announcement at the start of each probe.

Senator Golding made the suggestion for the amendment as he contributed to the debate on the bill.