Kings Valley Gang Trial: Defence Attempts To Paint Crown Witness As A Liar


Defence attorney in the Kings Valley Gang trial, Adina Morris, today attempted to paint a Crown witness as a liar.

The cross examination of the witness, who’s a former member of the Westmoreland-based gang, started this morning.

Ms Morris relied on what she described as inconsistencies in the witness’ evidence and statements to support her argument that he wasn’t telling the truth.

The defence lawyer also led a line of questioning in an attempt to show dishonesty and lack of credibility.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Morris is representing Carlington Godfrey.

The witness admitted to Morris that he’d call persons overseas to scam them.

He also admitted to faking an accent during these phone calls.

But the witness told the court he has never lied.

To this, Morris sharply responded asking the witness if he wouldn’t have to be a convincing liar to scam people.

The 23-year-old witness uttered ‘I convince them yes.’

She again quipped saying  ‘you’d also have to be very good at pretending and deceiving?’

But the witness told the attorney he doesn’t pretend or deceive.

Morris then asked ‘So when you put on a foreign accent, what is that?’

The witness said it was ‘normal talking.’

The attorney suggested the witness was the only one terrorising areas of Westmoreland. But he disagreed.

The witness also disagreed with the suggestion that he only turned himself over to the Police because he was wanted and fearful for his life.

Morris suggested that her client, Carlington Godfrey, did not give the witness any instructions to carry out criminal activities.

But the witness quickly pointed out that Godfrey even called him from prison to pick up an illegal gun.

He cited that the phone number Godfrey used is in his statement.

He also disagreed with the suggestions that Godfrey wasn’t a hitman who conducted several robberies.

The witness also did not agree with the suggestion that Godfrey didn’t facilitate the rape of a woman on Salmon Street in the parish.

The defence attorney further challenged the witness by pointing to inconsistencies in his evidence and statement.

The witness gave evidence that his aunt and sister were killed by members of the gang in 2016.

However his statement which was shown to the court says 2017.

That section of his statement has been admitted into evidence.

Despite being shown that section quoting 2017, the witness maintained that his family members were killed in 2016.

He also says he did not tell the Police his family members died in 2017.

Morris in the final minute on her feet suggested to the witness that he didn’t turn himself in because of his family but rather to tell lies on the accused men.

He disagreed.

The witness on Friday says he was motivated to give evidence because seven of his family members including his aunt and sister were killed by members of the gang including those on trial.

In 2018, Tauna won the UNICEF Media Award for Excellence in Reporting on Children’s Rights. She graduated from CARIMAC in 2015 and joined NNN in 2016. Since then, she’s covered several high-profile court cases including the X6 murder trial, the police death squad trial and is currently covering the Uchence Wilson Gang trial. Thomas is the Producer of Talking History heard on Nationwide Radio every Saturday.

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