Kingston Mayor to Meet with Attorney for Constant Spring Mkt Vendors

Kingston Mayor, Delroy Williams says he’ll be meeting today with attorney Bert Samuels to discuss further concerns regarding the relocation of vendors at the Constant Spring market in St. Andrew.

The market is expected to be demolished to facilitate road expansion works by the National Works Agency.

He gave the indication of his intention to meet with Mr. Samuels who’s representing the vendors while speaking on Nationwide Friday.

He says they’ve also been trying to find locations close by to relocate the vendors.

While a nearby location is being considered, Mayor Williams also said accommodation at other markets is one of the options on the table.

He says if vendors are willing, they could be relocated to the Papine, Cross Roads and Stony Hill markets.

But Mr. Samuels is concerned about the clientele the vendors would have already secured at the Constant Spring market.

Fifty three vendors are facing displacement. The Supreme Court recently granted the vendors a 14-day injunction barring the demolition of the market. It’s still uncertain when the market will be demolished.

However ongoing works around the market has driven fear into the vendors who still don’t know where they’ll go if it’s demolished soon.


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