Knife-wielding Men Attack Norbrook Joggers


Knife-wielding men attacked a group of joggers yesterday morning in Norbrook, St. Andrew. Police say that at about 6:00 am, a group was allegedly running along Norbrook Drive when they were approached from behind. The group fled, and they pursued one of the female joggers.

The men reportedly stole a phone from the female jogger, and in the process, she fell and injured her knee.

The men escaped in silver Nissan Tiida motor car. Reports say that when the license plate was run, it wasn’t assigned to anyone.

This attack is the latest in a string of robberies against morning joggers in the upper St. Andrew area.

Just last week a group of seven joggers had to flee armed men pursuing them in Barbican in a white probox motorcar.

A few minutes later, men in a similar vehicle robbed two people just two miles away from the first incident.

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