KPH Patient Slams Sloppy Hospital Treatment


An outpatient of the Kingston Public Hospital is angry at the sloppy and unprofessional operations at the facility which has caused him to suffer delays in getting the treatment he needs for serious ailments.

The man, who wants his name kept confidential, for fear of victimisation, says the hospital has misplaced his file on three occasions, causing him to endure severe delays in accessing treatment.

The patient says he’s over 70 years old and is a retired businessman living in the corporate area.

He says he’s struggling to deal with several ailments, including prostate and gastrointestinal problems.

The man says due to his ill health, he has to visit the KPH often for treatment.

But he says he has been unable to see a doctor in almost five weeks, as staff at the KPH have misplaced his file.

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He says this represents the third time the hospital has lost his documentation resulting in delays in him getting treatment.

He says when he was at the KPH last week checking on the whereabouts of his documents, he was in a room with at least 40 other people who had the same complaint.

The man says in his condition, its painful for him to have to stand for hours to wait on someone to tell him that the file is still missing.

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Nationwide News contacted the KPH administration for comment on the matter.

However they referred us to the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA.

The SERHA Chairman, Dr. Andrei Cooke, then told us to send an email with our questions to SERHA’s Public Relations Officer, Taneisha Lewis.

The first email was sent at about 11am on Monday.

Ms. Lewis did not respond so we sent a follow up email this morning at about 11.

Up to news time we had yet to receive a response.


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  1. FedUp

    Don’t understand how the hospital administration is sending you to SEHRA over a filing issue…it’s probably in some consultants office, or on a clerks desk..

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