Lacking Regulatory Approval, WiPay Eyes July/August To Go Live With Its Payment Platform In Jamaica


CEO of the recently launched WiPay online payment platform, Aldwyn Wayne, is reported as saying that they’re not quite ready for the public.

This as the company is yet to secure regulatory approval to operate in Jamaica.

They’re now looking to go live in July or August.

Wayne says everything is ready from the software side, but the paperwork from a regulatory standpoint from the financial institution, is out of their hands.

WiPay has partnered with Lasco Financial Services for the roll-out of the payment platform across Jamaica next month.

According to Wayne, they will also be partnering with other financial institutions to provide a range of services.

Jamaica is the third Caribbean nation to embrace WiPay, a technology solutions company that simplifies e-commerce.

WiPay Jamaica, a subsidiary of WiPay Caribbean, is to provide software services to regulated financial institutions that will move the current e-commerce system into the first world.

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