‘Laid Bare’: Warren Admits to Three Arrests


Former Managing Director of the National Energy Solutions, NESOL, Carolyn Warren says she’s ‘absolutely devastated’ following the revelation Friday that she had been in trouble with the law more than once.

Mrs. Warren resigned as Managing Director of NESOL, last week after a controversy about a drug conviction some 25-years ago.

However, when her 25-year-old drug offense was revealed, Mrs. Warren had denied having any other criminal convictions.

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Mrs. Warren in answering questions from Tyrone Reid on Nationwide at 5 on Friday says she was arrested three times. This was between 1993 and 1995.

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Mrs. Warren was arrested twice in 1995 on drug offenses, however, she was given a non-custodial sentence in both cases.

She says in one of the cases, she was set up.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Warren says she didn’t disclose the other offenses because she felt she was entitled to some sort of privacy.

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    Miss Warren it’s all about telling the truth and admit to it, don’t forget you occupy a job that represent the people and I think you should disclose it, I do agree that its your life but you have to hold yourself to the highest standard and rules in such an office. I think everyone deserve a second chance but remember you are talking about three (3) times thats three chances.

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