Landmark Developers & Liberty Estates Residents Clash Over Shoddy Infrastructure

Former Managing Director of Landmark Developers Ltd Leslene Davis, clashed with residents over community infrastructure, last evening, on Nationwide @ 5.

The company is responsible for Liberty Estates in St Mary, where several residents have been clamouring for roads, water and functioning sewerage facilities since 1998 when the community was developed.

Ms. Davis is adamant that the company has been doing all it can to improve the community.

Residents of Liberty Estates in St Mary are crying foul after they say their sewerage mains were disconnected by the developers for non-payment.

One resident recounted how she paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix a neighbouring overflow. She told our news centre she feared for her health.

As the testy exchanges continued Ms. Davis hung up, refusing to speak to one of the residents. She alleges the resident has been harassing her.

Kenrick Johnson, President of the Liberty Estates Citizens Association, was that resident.

Johnson says the developers disappeared for almost 10 years and returned recently with a proposal to charge residents for sewerage services.

Another irate resident explained why she felt the developers were out of line with the proposed fees.


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