LASCO to Slash Sugar Content

Manufacturing giants LASCO has disclosed that it will be cutting the sugar in a number of its more popular products.

This was disclosed by LASCO Chairman, Lascelles Chin yesterday. The move by the company is an encouraging move for the Health Ministry, which has been pushing for manufacturers to lower their sugar content.

The government has been using moral suasion to persuade manufacturers to cut the sugar content in their products ahead of ongoing talks to impose taxes.

Mr. Chin announced the healthy move during a press conference yesterday, under the theme ‘LASCO supports the Jamaica Moves Campaign.’

The Health Ministry’s major public education campaign to reduce sugar consumption has gained tremendous traction since it launched in April 2016.

Chin says the manufacturing company has reduced the sugar content in Lasco Vanilla by 50-percent.

Mr. Chin says plans are advanced to include other flavors of the food drinks.

The LASCO Chairman also says the company is working to lower the sugar content in its iCool drinks.


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