Lawyers for Former Moravian Minister Vow to ‘Collect Every Cent’ of $16m Defamation Award


The legal team for former Moravian Church Minister, Dr. Canute Thompson, is vowing to collect every cent of the $16-million the Supreme Court has ordered co-founder of the Tambourine Army, Latoya Nugent, to pay their client.

The ruling came today following the conclusion of a defamation suit lawyers for Dr. Thompson filed against Miss Nugent.

In 2017, Miss Nugent, who’s otherwise known as Stella, used social media to make certain allegations against Dr. Thompson. The allegations were made at the height of the under-aged girls sex scandal which engulfed the Moravian church in 2016 and 2017.

One of the attorneys for Dr. Thompson, Carlton Williams, told our news centre today that the Supreme Court has ordered Nugent to pay his client.

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Mr. Williams says Miss Nugent did not file a defence.

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The attorney is vowing to collect every dollar from Miss Nugent.

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Mr. Williams says Justice Audrey Lindo said she’ll make available her written judgement in a few days.

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