Less then 1% of Stations Selling Bad Gas


The Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ, Professor Winston Davidson, says less than 1-percent of all gas stations across the island, are still selling bad gas.

However, motorists continue to complain that bad gas and contaminated diesel fuel are still being sold.

At the height of the bad gas issue, 17 of the country’s 340 gas stations, were confirmed to be selling bad gas.

That’s about 5-percent of all gas stations.

Professor Davidson says given the control measures that have been implemented, the number is now less than 1-percent.

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That’s three pumps at three gas stations, two of which are in the Corporate Area.

Professor Davidson says all three pumps remain closed.

However, despite this assertion, motorists continue to complain about bad gas being sold at some gas stations, including some which were ordered closed by the BSJ and then given the all clear to reopen.

Nationwide News has also received reports from persons who suspect that bad diesel fuel may have caused damage to their motor vehicles or equipment.

The BSJ Chairman says there’s no evidence to support this.

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Professor Davidson says to date the BSJ has not tested diesel fuel, because there’s been no need to.

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He says he expects that motorists in other countries will soon start making reports about bad gas.

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Meanwhile, the Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Senator Robert Montague, is cautioning the Government against making the Bureau of Standards Jamaica the scapegoat for the bad gas scandal.

Senator Montague says the Government is ultimately responsible for the crisis, which he says has been badly managed.

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