Levy Warns Govt about Poultry Imports

Chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group, Robert Levy, is urging the government to to be careful about how it allows imports of chicken meat, in response to the shortage of the protein on the local market.

Mr. Levy made the call at today’s opening of the Cumberland Hatchery in Clarendon.

The new hatchery represents an initial investment by Jamaica Broilers of $14-million.

It’s expected to increase the production of chicken meat by 20-percent per week and help satisfy the increased demand for the most popular source of protein.

Agriculture Minister, Derrick Kellier, told guests at the official opening of the hatchery, that several short term measures are being introduced to ease the shortage of chicken meat.

Among the measures is the issuing of import licences for leg quarters.

Demand for chicken jumped during the Christmas season last year and has continued into the new year.

Minister Kellier says the increased demand is also a sign of an improving economy.

But the Chairman of the Jamaica Broiler’s Group, Robert Levy, is cautioning the Minister about granting too much leeway to importers of chicken meat.

He used the example of the United States, saying that country would never allow the importation of chicken meat, regardless of any shortage in their market.