Literacy & Numeracy Mastery on the Rise

There’s been an increase in the number of students achieving mastery in both the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy tests.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, released the results of the Grade Four Literacy Test and the General Achievement in Numeracy test yesterday.

Approximately 85-percent of students who sat the Literacy test achieved mastery.

He says the number of students who’ve achieved mastery is an increase of five-point-five percent over last year’s batch.

Minister Reid says four-point-three percent of them recorded no mastery. He says approximately 67-percent of the students achieved mastery in the Numeracy test.

He says 25-percent of the students achieved almost mastery in the numeracy test. Seven percent of the students recorded no mastery.

Roughly 44,000 students across the island sat both tests.

Minister Reid says girls out-performed boys in both.

Ruel Reid was speaking yesterday at a media conference at his office at his Heroes Circle in Kingston.