Low Turn-Out on By-Election Day

The polls are closing in the two by-elections held today amid reports that voter turnout was low in both.

And the Chairmen of the governing JLP and the opposition PNP are expressing confidence their candidate will emerge victorious in the North West St. Andrew parliamentary by-election later this evening.

The by-election in East Kingston is for a local parish division, Norman Gardens. The candidates in the parliamentary by-election are the PNP’s Keisha Hayle and the JLP’s Dr. Nigel Clarke.

PNP Chairman Fitz Jackson says apart from a few concerns today was a good day for the PNP.

Mr. Jackson says when the results are announced later today he’s looking forward to word that Miss Hayle has upset Dr. Clarke.

JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, is making light of Mr. Jackson’s optimism.

Montague and Jackson were speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News outside the Maverley Primary and Junior High School in the constituency.

Our news center also caught up with Miss Hayle shortly before the polls closed. She says regardless of the outcome today – she’ll not abandon the people.

Dr. Clarke was a bit more upbeat about his chances.

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