Lucea Mayor Lashes Police Absenteeism

The Mayor of Lucea, Sheridan Samuels, is criticizing the police for not attending meetings of the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

Mayor Samuels lashed out at the police during last Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Municipal Corporation.

He said he was invited by the police to a meeting which was scheduled for last Friday. But he told Councilors he’d not attend.

He also criticized representatives of the National Water Commission, NWC, for not attending meetings of the Corporation.

He says some schools in Hanover are without water.

He says the NWC doesn’t care about the problem.

The Lucea Mayor then suggested that some people should steal water instead of the light they were stealing in his parish.

Meanwhile, DSP Ainsley McCarthy, of the Hanover Police, says Mr. Samuels’s comments are ‘unfortunate’.

DSP McCarthy says it’s the Mayor’s problem if he felt like not attending the meeting. He says he usually attends meetings of the Hanover Municipal Corporation on behalf of the police. But he says he was not able to attend last Thursday’s meeting.

He also says Mayor Samuels was not invited to a meeting by the police. He says the meeting to which he referred was one being put on by the Ministries of National Security and Justice.