‘Machete-Weilding Mom Exploring Guilty Plea

The attorney representing the woman seen on video beating her daughter with a machete, Bertram Anderson, today asked the court to indicate the likely sentence his client would face if she were to plead guilty.

Mr. Anderson made the request when the matter was mentioned in camera at the St. Thomas Parish Court this morning.

Speaking with the media after today’s adjournment, Mr. Anderson says the application for a sentence indication was made in a bid to prevent the matter from going to trial.

He says his legal team and the prosecutor will indicate what sentence they hope the accused, Doreen Dyer, would receive if she were to plead guilty.

The attorney says the judge will also present a possible sentence, after reviewing a social inquiry report, that was ordered today.

Dyer’s attorney says he’s seeking a non-custodial sentence for his client so she can receive counselling and support.

The matter was adjourned until January 15, when the judge will present a sentencing offer.

Mr. Anderson says the matter will be concluded on that day if they accept the judge’s offer.

Dyer has expressed publicly, her regret for her actions.

She’s currently receiving professional counselling. Her daughter is also receiving counselling and victim support.