Mahfood Not Opposed to a JLP Admin

President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, William Mahfood says regardless of which party forms the next government it’s crucial that the country maintains its performance under the Economic Reform Programme.

With an election on the horizon, Mr. Mahfood says he has no aversion to a change in administration as long as the key reforms are maintained in the economy.

Mr. Mahfood is calling for a renewed focus on creating conditions so the business sector can thrive and promote growth in the economy.

Recently, Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, stated that in conversations with members of the private sector, several entrepreneurs expressed the view that “…it would be madness” to vote the Simpson-Miller Administration out of power in favour for the Jamaica Labour Party.


One thought on “Mahfood Not Opposed to a JLP Admin

  1. chikV2Ebola

    Mr.Mahfood has been around for a while and must know that it is people who vote in elections not political parties !

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