Mahfood Warns of Job Losses Associated with Ban on Plastics


Chairman of the Wisynco Group, William Mahfood, says over 100 of the company’s workers could lose their jobs as a result of the government’s proposed ban on a range of plastic and styrofoam products.

The ban – to be imposed early next year – follows a private member’s motion which was tabled in the Upper House in October 2016 by Government Senator, Matthew Samuda.

Mr. Mahfood says he’s concerned employees in the styrofoam manufacturing arm of his company’s operations might be out of work in January 2020.

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He’s also raising concerns about potential public health issues arising from a ban on plastic straws.

Mr. Mahfood says the cost the alternative, paper straws, may discourage small business operators from utilizing that option.

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Mr. Mahfood has also raised concerns about the timeframe within which the ban is to be implemented.

But, Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, Suzanne Stanley, says stakeholders had enough time to prepare for the ban on plastic and styrofoam products.

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Stevian Simmonds is an investigative journalist with almost 3 years of experience in radio broadcasting, production and reporting. She graduated from Caribbean School of Media and Communication in 2014 and joined Nationwide News in 2016. In 2018, she produced a special report examining the working conditions of the Bussiness Process Outsourcing Industry. She worked undercover as a call center agent for a month, revealing the lack of data protection and general security infrastructure in the industry. Her report also highlighted the poor working conditions and remuneration faced by workers in the industry. In 2018, Stevian traveled to New Delhi India where she participated in the Inaugural WHO Partners Forum benefiting from critical training related to reporting on women’s and children’s health issues.

2 thoughts on “Mahfood Warns of Job Losses Associated with Ban on Plastics

  1. Tony Jsckson

    This is what makes this man less than credible. It reminds me of the whining of the manufacturer who made too much money on buggy whips when cars started to get popular. It is all gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.

    A better, more mature, and Jamaica-friendly owner would quote our own “tun u han mek fashion’, and say “This is good for Jamaica. I will not lay off anyone and will start making something else as I cannot do without my staff..” Has this man looked into our gullies and along our as he drives? Mmmm.

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