Mair Accuses Hay-Webster of Campaigning in His Constituency Under Pretence of Attending Church

The MP for North East St Catherine — the JLP’s Gregory Mair — has written to the party Chairman complaining of “disruptive [political] activities” by an aide to the JLP Leader Andrew Holness.

In a letter to Robert Montague, Mr Mair accuses a member of Mr Holness’ communications team, Sharon Hay Webster, of clandestine activities designed to weaken and unseat him.

He said he would send her into political retirement if she provokes him.

Gregory Mair describes his political style as non-combative, but his letter to Robert Montague, the JLP Chairman, dated April 14 was any but that.

He outlines his allegations against Sharon Hay Webster.

Mr Mair writes she’s been “actively campaigning in North East St Catherine, over several weeks, meeting workers and taking steps to destabilise my political organisation”

He says her visits are frequent — occurring every week.

And he accuses her of entering the constituency “under the guise of attending church…”

He says what she’s really doing is soliciting support — accusing her of going so far as attending a workers meeting and telling the audience that she had applied to the party to contest the seat.

And Mr Mair claims that Mrs Hay Webster’s been introduced to voters and workers as the person sent by the JLP Leader Andrew Holness to replace him as the Candidate for the next election.

Mr Mair asks Bobby Montague to confirm whether this is true and to investigate Mrs Hay Webster’s actions.

But he makes it clear he doesn’t plan on stepping away from the Constituency which he says he wins because of hard work and the use of his personal resources.

“No one and certainly not one whose personal and family antecedents are of a PNP background, will be allowed to disrespect me and the work I have done in my constituency”, he writes.

He’s doesn’t like that Mrs Hay Webster — a former PNP MP — is now advising Andrew Holness on communications.

He writes that it “sends a wrong signal at a time when we are seeking to unite and focus our collective energies on removing the PNP government from office.”

He continues “It is a direct slap in my face and I have no intention of turning the other cheek.”

Mr Mair advises the JLP Chairman to “caution Mrs Hay Webster against the road she’s embarking on”.

He closes his letter with a defiant statement: “Let there be no doubt” he writes “If provoked by Sharon Hay Webster I will unleash everything in my political arsenal at her which will send her into political retirement, once and for all.”

He adds: “She needs to get out of my constituency forthwith”.