MAJ President Supportive of Limited Prescription Responsibilities for Nurses

President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ, Dr. Clive Lai, says he supports nurse practitioners getting the right to write some prescriptions, but only under certain conditions.

Dr. Lai says they will be making these recommendations to the Ministry of Health.

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has said he’s committed to ensuring Nurse Practitioners get the right to prescribe drugs, even though some doctors are against it.

Nurse Practioners are specialized nurses with at least a masters degree. They’re trained specifically to diagnose and treat patients.

There are currently about 200 nurse practitioners stationed across Jamaica, many in deep rural areas where there’s no access to a doctor.

Dr. Lai says the MAJ would have to look at the list of drugs nurse practitioners would be able to prescribe, before deciding whether they can fully support it.

Dr. Clive Lai was speaking with Nationwide News this morning.