Major Security Force Operation in St Elizabeth & Westmoreland

A major police-military operation is underway in some border communities in St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland, as security forces move to capture criminals fleeing the State of Public Emergency in St. James.

Head of the Area 3 Division, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers, says intelligence-led operations resulted in one person being killed during a shootout with members of the security forces in Kilmarnoch, St. Elizabeth.

An Uzi submachine gun, a semi-automatic pistol, and more than 30 rounds of ammunition have been seized.

Kilmarnock shares a border with Westmoreland, which neighbours the troubled parish of St. James.

ACP Chambers says the police will be carrying out additional operations along the border between St Elizabeth and St. James in an attempt to nab other criminals.

Meanwhile, ACP Chambers is commending citizens for the active role they’re playing in keeping their communities safe. He’s also encouraging them to continue reaching out to the police.

Area 3 consists of St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon.