‘Majority of Guns Seized in 2017 are Brand New’ – Montague

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, says the bulk of the guns now in criminal hands seem to be brand new weapons.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes online this afternoon Mr. Montague says of the 830 weapons seized so far this year, only 100 have a ballistic record in Jamaica.

The Security Minister was responding to questions about the recent seizure of 119 weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in Miami, Florida, destined for Jamaica.

The matter is now the subject of a joint US-Jamaican law enforcement investigation.

Despite the seizure no arrest has been made.

Mr. Montague also confirmed reports reaching Nationwide that the barrels in which the weapons were shipped had been left at the wharf in Jamaica for three weeks with no one claiming them.

Minister Montague says he’s raised the concern of a lack of arrests with the Police High Command.

He also says issues of corruption both within and outside law enforcement must be addressed.