Majority of Jamaicans Stayed Away


Less than half of the country’s registered voters turned out at the polls for yesterday’s election.

Voter turnout was only 47.7 percent, the lowest in Jamaica’s history, and 5-percentage points lower than in 2011.

The lowest turnout was in Western Westmoreland, where the PNP’s Dr. Wykeham McNeil defeated the JLP’s Dixeth Palmer. Only 35.5 percent of the electorate participated in that vote.

Six other constituencies also saw turnout of less than 40-percent – Kingston East and Port Royal, won by the PNP’s Phillip Paulwell.

– Dr. Peter Phillips’ St. Andrew East Central
– St. James North Western, where the JLP’s Dr. Horace Chang won another term.
– Westmoreland Eastern, won by the PNP’s Luther Buchanan
– Central Clarendon, the seat of the JLP’s Mike Henry; and St. Catherine North Western, held by the PNP’s Robert Pickersgill.

Only two constituencies attained turnout of 60-percent. The highest voter turnout was in Southeast St. Elizabeth, where the JLP’s Franklyn Witter defeated Richard Parchment. Sixty-point-seven percent of voters turned out for the battle.

The other constituency to hit the 60-percent mark is Portland Western, where the JLP’s Daryl Vaz emerged victorious for another term.