Malahoo-Forte Accuses PNP Operatives of Staging Roadblocks


Member of Parliament for West Central St. James, the JLP’s Marlene Malahoo Forte, is accusing operatives of the Opposition PNP of instigating roadblocks in the parish.

Mrs. Malahoo Forte made the charge in an interview with our news center this afternoon.

Over the past few weeks residents have been blocking thoroughfares in St. James – including roads, in Johns Hall, Spring Mount, Kensington, Tucker and Springfield.

The protesters have complained about the poor state of the roads. And, the roadblocks intensified today.

Mrs. Malahoo Forte says bad road conditions are a real issue in St. James and across Jamaica. She says she remains accessible to those who have concerns.

The West Central St. James MP says blocking the roads is not the way to get her attention.

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Mrs. Malahoo-Forte says reports reaching her are that some people are being paid to protest.

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Mrs. Malahoo Forte says only recently, under her watch, significant repairs were carried out to the Guava Walk road which had been in a disgraceful condition for approximately 40-years.

She says road work is taking place in all three divisions of her constituency – Spring Garden, Granville and Mount Salem.

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Mrs. Malahoo Forte, who also the Attorney General, says the Holness-led administration is committed to addressing long-standing road issues not only in St. James but other parishes in Jamaica.

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  1. JAY

    There may be some merit to this.. Look how long these places is in the state they are in… and its now they want to block the roads.. some MPs has reelected six times over the decades..and they boast how many star general they are, and they never block roads then… so why now. I do agree that many roads are in deplorable conditions, but give the government a chance to address this issue. ROME was not built in a Day. or a yeah and a half.

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