Mandeville Deputy Mayor Steps Down Amidst Fraud Probe

Deputy Chairman of the Manchester Municipal Corporation and Councillor for the Spur Tree Division, the PNP’s, Ervin Facey, has resigned as Deputy Mayor of Mandeville.

Two officers in the Accounts Department of the Municipal Corporation have also resigned in a growing corruption scandal engulfing the central Jamaica local authority.

The resignations come as the Police have been called in to investigate and questions surface over whether the proceeds of the alleged fraud were used to finance a local regional PNP activity recently.

It’s understood the Deputy Mayor and Councillor resigned today as pressure mounts over his role in the growing scandal which appears to be on the verge of bringing down the leadership of the municipal corporation.

The Corporation is one of only four controlled by the opposition, People’s National Party.

Deputy Mayor Facey is Councillor for the Spur Tree Division in the constituency of North West Manchester. The MP there is the party’s Region 5 Chairman, Mikael Phillips.

At the heart of the developing scandal at the Manchester Municipal Corporation are questions about the disbursement and encashment of unauthorized cheques.

And whether the proceeds from the cheques were used in a recent local PNP regional activity.

Deputy Mayor Facey was said to have been a signatory to the cheques which amount to more than $1-million.

It’s not immediately clear who the payments were made to. A Police investigation is underway into the issue.

Efforts this afternoon to contact Councillor Facey were not successful.

However, a close political associate of Facey told our news center that the Councillor will not be commenting publicly on the issue which caused him to resign as deputy Mayor.

The scandal at the Manchester Municipal Corporation has also ignited an internal feud among some PNP supporters in and outside of Manchester, including the neighboring parish of St. Elizabeth.

Some comrades are alleging that the proceeds of the cheques in question were used to channel funds to a local PNP activity in the party’s Region 5 organization.

A voice note is currently being circulated among comrades with a PNP activist lashing out at prominent members of the party about the issue.

The PNP activist continued her attack.

A senior comrade close to the issue this afternoon declined to speak on the record. However, he denied that proceeds from the Manchester Parish Council cheques were used in any internal PNP political activity.

And, in a statement this afternoon, the PNP confirmed the resignation of Councilor Facey as Deputy Mayor of Mandeville.

The PNP says the Mayor of Mandeville, Donovan Mitchell, has confirmed Facey’s resignation.

According to the PNP, Facey has quit due to breaches in the approval procedures at the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

The PNP says this follows payment for work in the parish for which a cheque was disbursed before the voucher was authorized by the required signatories.

According to the PNP, the police were called in by the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation to investigate the issue.

The PNP says the Mayor also announced that two officers of the Municipal Corporation have tendered their resignations due to the same issue.

It’s understood that a senior financial officer at the Manchester Municipal Corporation is among those two officers who’ve stepped aside.

The PNP says Mayor Mitchell wishes to declare that the Corporation is committed to transparency.

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