Manhunt Launched to Find Man Responsible for St. Ann’s Double Murder

The police have launched a manhunt for the man they believe is responsible for last Saturday’s brutal killing of a man and a teenage girl in Claremont, St. Ann.

The man, Brian Forbes, has been on the run since last Saturday.

He’s suspected to have used a machete to fatally chop 25 year old bus conductor Demari Smith and 15 year old Amoya Brown.

Residents say the teenager was Mr. Smith’s lover and had left her home in Kellits, Clarendon, to spend time with him in St. Ann.

The second in command of the St. Ann Police, Superintendent Steve Brown, says Forbes allegedly attacked the couple after a dispute over the illegal abstraction of electricity.

Superintendent Brown says the police have been told that Forbes revisited the community on Saturday evening, to purchase food items.

Superintendent Brown says while grief counseling will be provided, Amoya’s parents will face the full brunt of the law, if they are found to have been negligent in their duty.

Superintendent Steve Brown, second in command of the the St. Ann Police Division, speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

The police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of Brian Forbes to contact them at 972-2311.

Meanwhile the Councillor for the Bensonton Division in St. Ann, Lydia Richards, says the community needs some time to heal.

Councillor Richards says while she did not know Amoya Brown, the other deceased, Demari Smith, was a good guy.