Manhunt on for Gunmen in Western Kingston after Morning Shoot-Out

The Kingston Western Police are this afternoon on the hunt for a group of men who engaged the police in a gun battle early Thursday morning.

Divisional Head, Superintendent Howard Chambers, says the men first shot at an unmarked police vehicle at the intersection of Oxford Street and Charles Street. He says no member of the police team was harmed.

However, it’s not clear if any of the men were shot.

Superintendent Chambers says the men could be members of one of the several gangs operating in Denham Town.

He says they’re also investigating whether the men are part of a group known to rob persons in the Coronation Market in downtown, Kingston.

In the meantime, the Kingston West Police are keeping a close watch on a man who turned up at the Kingston Public Hospital this morning with a gunshot wound to the head.

Superintendent Chambers says the man said he was at home when he was shot.

Superintendent Howard Chambers says it’s not clear if the man’s injuries are linked to the earlier incident.

However, Superintendent Chambers says the police are investigating the incidents separately.