Manufacturers Bemoan Lack of Govt Support

The Jamaica Manufacturer’s Association, JMA, is urging the government to place greater importance on the manufacturing sector.

At a media conference this afternoon, President of the JMA, Metry Seaga, dismissed the notion that the manufacturing sector is dying.

Mr. Seaga says the manufacturing sector contributed eight-point-five percent to the country’s Gross domestic product last year.

He says that exceeded the amount contributed by the agriculture, tourism and mining sectors. Mr. Seaga says the sector also contributed $56-billion in taxes last year.

Despite this, he says the government fails to treat the manufacturing sector with the level of seriousness it deserves.

Mr. Seaga says the sector has a key role to play in the nation’s move to achieve a five percent growth in GDP in the next four years.

And that is why Mr. Seaga says legislation is needed to facilitate more opportunities for local manufacturers.

And Mr. Seaga says he’s disappointed in the government’s proposal to use preventative detention as a means to curtail crime.

Preventative detention is one aspect of the crime fighting measures of the Holness administration.

Mr. Seaga says a crime plan from leadership is needed now.

Mr. Seaga is urging the government to meet with all stakeholders and to come up with a plan to tackle the nation’s crime.

Metry Seaga, President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, speaking this afternoon after a media conference in Kingston