Marauding Gangsters in Turf War Continue Wreaking Havoc on August Town

The August Town Police are attributing an increase in violent crimes in the area to gangsters who have returned to the community and are locked in a turf war.

Head of the August Town Police, Inspector Stephen Taylor says that’s the information they’re receiving from community members.

The community has recorded at least seven murders since the start of the year. The latest incident occurred yesterday when a gun attack left one man dead in a section of the community known as Jungle Twelve. This comes after the community experienced a record-setting zero murders in 2016.

Programme Director at the Sizzla Youth Foundation, Kenneth Wilson, says serious intervention is needed to stem the bloodletting.

He’s supporting the call made by Eastern St. Andrew Member of Parliament Fayval Williams for a Zone of Special Operations to be declared in the community.

In the meantime, Executive Director at the Mona Social Services, Dr Olivene Burke, says students of the University of the West Indies, just meters away from August Town, are being traumatized by the violence.

She’s also calling for a collective response to the violence similar to what resulted in the community not recording a single murder in 2016.