Marley Natural Accused of Copyright Infringement

Marley Natural, the Bob Marley inspired weed line has been accused of infringing on the trademark owned by Montobacco Limited.

In a letter to the company, Montobacco has advised Marley Natural that its trademarks Cover Natural Marley Spirit And Lion Device® And Natural Marley Spirit Marijuana And Lion Device®.

Montobacco has given Marley Natural until next week Friday to respond to the accusation and cease use of the name.

Marley Natural opened in New York last week amid concerns that the branding of the product could have negative connotations in Jamaica.


One thought on “Marley Natural Accused of Copyright Infringement

  1. Montobacco Ltd.

    Montobacco Ltd. has no intention of allowing the Marley Family and Privateer Holdings, Inc. to continue with their masterful play of words, which still remain factually inaccurate, and utilisation of existing media outlets to assist them in infringing upon this company’s officially registered trademarks.

    Montobacco Ltd. has never made an attempt to claim rights to any existing trademarked brands of the Marley family.

    The Bob Marley family still does not have trademark rights to the proposed brand MARLEY NATURAL.

    Regarding the Marley Family’s comments in this article:, the Marley family stated the following:

    “Montobacco’s trademark applications have been opposed and/or refused all of the world based on the Marley family’s rights. After months of unsuccessful attempts to claim rights in the Marley brand, this appears to be a last ditch, malicious effort to cause confusion in the market place in order to falsely capitalize on the goodwill generated by the successful launch of Marley Natural.”

    For the record, Montobacco Ltd. has in its possession several globally registered trademarks for NATURAL MARLEY SPIRIT & LION DESIGN® and NATURAL MARLEY SPIRIT MARIJUANA & LION DESIGN®. Privateer Holdings, Inc. and the Bob Marley family have been aware of Montobacco Ltd.’s trademarks long before any announcement for Marley Natural was ever made public. These are facts that are easily proven with available documented evidence.

    While the Marley family refers to the “Marley brand”, Montobacco Ltd. only referred to Marley Natural to which this family has absolutely no trademark rights and continue to fail to prove as much since Montobacco’s initial notice of infringement and notice to cease and desist was submitted in December 2014, to Privateer Holdings, Inc. and the Marley family.

    Montobacco Ltd. has never made an attempt to claim any rights to any existing trademarks belonging to the Marley family. However, the Marley family still does not have any trademark rights to “MARLEY NATURAL”. This can easily be verified by anyone willing to search any existing trademark database. In fact, Montobacco Ltd. has requested this information from the Marley family, who continues to be unable to prove this claim.

    As of the date of this post, Montobacco Ltd. has never received any notification of refusal regarding any pending trademark applications based on the Marley family rights; yet, another of the Marley family’s inaccurate statements and strategic play of words using the media to influence the general public.

    One can’t help but ask why would an entity opt to start from scratch; with regards to marketing and branding with ‘MARLEY NATURAL’ costing millions over saving millions by using a face that already claims its own global branded market niche to present like Bob Marley’s name. The perfect and obvious fit for this proposed product brand would be the existing official trademark BOB MARLEY®, as it is already registered, protected, and well known. Isn’t Bob Marley’s name and face the one every published media story proclaims as the individual Privateer Holdings, Inc. and Bob Marley’s family want consumers to associate with their product brand MARLEY NATURAL; which is still, as of this posted comment, not registered to the Marley family?

    Why would a company with such an established consumer market niche, as the likes of the legendary Bob Marley, with the added advantage of having an existing registered trademark right to the name BOB MARLEY® launch a Bob Marley touted marijuana product and publish articles claiming that Bob Marley’s name and face is to be used with the new marijuana brand; but instead of using Bob Marley’s name or face, the proposed product is branded MARLEY NATURAL.

    As mentioned earlier, Montobacco is of the opinion that Privateer Holdings Inc. and the Marley family are utilising the media as a means of developing consumer association with the proposed brand ‘MARLEY NATURAL’ to the name BOB MARLEY, Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited’s official trademark brand. This is an effort to establish fame to the mark so as to use as evidence for a claim of precedence based on this factor.

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