Marvin Campbell Back in Court Today

Reputed Spanish Town Gangster, Marvin Campbell, who is charged with killing five people on March Pen Road, is scheduled to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court in Spanish Town today.

Investigators say on October 8, Campbell, who is alleged to be a member of the Clansman gang, led a group of gunmen to his family’s house on March Pen Road.

The group kicked down the doors to two houses, shot seven persons then set the house on fire.

Five people, including Campbell’s 14 year-old son Marvin Campbell Jr, were killed in the fire.

The others killed are Salesha Evans and her nine year-old son Revaughan Evans, as well as Vaniesha Bartley and her two year-old daughter Kayandra Wynter.

Police told Nationwide that Campbell, is also facing charges of rape and incest, which will also be mentioned in court today.