May Pen High Principal Defends Toilet Cleaning Policy


Principal of May Pen High School in Clarendon, Winston Preddie, says students have been assigned toilet cleaning duties at the school for almost 40 years.

A parent told Nationwide News she was uncomfortable with the toilet cleaning duties which left their child anxious.

Mr. Preddie continued his defence of the school’s requirement that students clean the toilets they use at the institution.

Meanwhile, Mr Preddie says toilet cleaning duties have helped students become better adults. He says despite the policy, the school is inundated by applications each year.

Winston Preddie, Principal of the May Pen High School in Clarendon, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.

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One thought on “May Pen High Principal Defends Toilet Cleaning Policy

  1. Chavelle Davis

    I disagree… Guidance class is supposed to teach about hygiene, and self-esteem… Talk about how much school still have pit toilet, no soap or tissue in the bathroom. School fee is paid for maintenance of school, aren’t the janitors getting paid to clean, why complain for a job you signed up for.. I don’t really want to say this but is that principal flirting with janitors when he feels this emotional about
    Their job, I apologise for my opinion if it’s out of place…!


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