McBean Booted from Police Federation Chairmanship


After only eight months as Chairman of the Police Federation, Corporal Arlene McBean has been voted out of the office following a shake-up of the executive yesterday.

The Federation’s former General Secretary, Inspector Sheldon Gordon, is the new chairman.

Corporal McBean– the first female head of the Police Federation– was elected to the post in May last year.

In a correspondence last evening, the Police Federation says the decision was made after an extraordinary meeting where ‘frank, factual and clear discussions’ were held on the state of the entity.

The Federation says at the end of that meeting, the membership mandated the executive to assess the issues confronting the body of rank and file members and address them in a fulsome way.

According to the Federation, its full Central Executive met yesterday and deliberated on internal matters.

It was at that meeting that a decision was taken to restructure the organisation.

Corporal McBean told Nationwide News she accepts the will of the majority.

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Corporal McBean says she’s pleased with the service she offered during her eight months as Chairman. She says the move was unexpected.

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In the meantime, the organisation’s former Legal Affairs Director, Sergeant Patrae Rowe is the new General Secretary.

The Police Federation says its grateful for the service of Corporal McBean.


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